ESP8266 SMD Adapter Breakout Board R3

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  • Breakout board based on ESP-12F
  • Support auto reset programming, support arduino IDE (to use in ardino, choose wemos R2 or mini board), support nodeMCU programming.
  • On board power LDO, support up to 600mA
  • On board CH340G USB-TTL IC connect to USB and ESP8266 Uart serial interface.
  • On board ADC voltage divide pin, support analog input 0-3.2V
  • 11 digital input / output pin, pin with interrupt / PWM / I2C / support 1 line (except D0)
  • On board reset and flash button.
  • Quick start with only a USB cable.
  • Fully compatible with in market board like wemos D1, etc, fully same pin definition, and same board layout. (current version IO4 and IO5 is swapped, but marked on board, will fix this on next batch of production. Except this all compatible with wemos d1).

Package include 2.54mm male pin header, ESP8266 SMD adapter R3 main board (ESP-12F module included and soldered).